Microbe Lift Nite-Out II

Nite Out II is specifically designed for rapid nitrite and ammonia problems common in new ponds, ponds that have been freshly cleaned, and, overpopulated ponds. Ulcers & fish loss result from prolonged exposure.


Specially Formulated For Rapid Amonia & Nitrate Reduction!

  • MICROBE-LIFT/NITE-OUT II is designed specifically for Garden Pond Waters that contain marine life.
  • Its highly specialized microbial consortium of nitrifying cultures are formulated to eliminate ammonia vianatural biological process termed nitrification.
  • The Cultures contained in MICROBE-LIFT/NITE-OUT II will establish, promote, stabilize and maintain Nitrification in Garden Pond Waters, eliminating the toxic effect of ammonia.

Features and Benefits:

  • Initiates nitrification.
  • Promotes stable nitrification.
  • Provides stable cold weather nitrification.
  • Safe for use around plants and animals!

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