Microbe Lift PL Gel

Microbe-Lift PL Gel is designed specifically for instant inoculation/seeding of pond filter pads and biological filter media with beneficial bacteria.


Microbe Lift PL Gel is the first product on the market that puts the bacteria where you want it and it STAYS THERE!
This product is great for use in early spring when the fish begin to eat but the biological filter is not fully colonized or if the entire filter needs to be cleaned. Without a product like Microbe Lift PL Gel, ammonia and /or nitrite problems can develop because the fish waste will not be consumed fast enough by the new biological filter.

  • Easily applied and clings to pond filter pads and media 
  • Contains the same bacterial spectrum as Microbe Lift PL
  •  80% reduction in pond filter start up time.
    Most biological filters take up to 8 weeks or longer to colonize with beneficial bacteria. PL GEL this time is vastly reduced keeping fish healthier.
  • Eliminates water balance instability that can occur when filter media is cleaned or replaced.
  • Reduces frequency of cleaning by accelerating decomposition of organic material

Application: Squeeze PL Gel directly onto the filter pads and/or biological filter media. Allow the media to set for 1-2 hours before placing the media back into the pond skimmer and/or filter. After inserting the filter media back into the pond skimmer and/or pond filter, turn off the recirculating pump for 1-2 hours provided that the water can hold adequate oxygen during this time. It’s best to turn the pump off in the morning or evening and avoid turning the pump off during periods of full sun and heat. 

Maintenance: Repeat application of Microbe Lift PL Gel each time you clean or replace your filter pads and/or biological pond filter media. If there is an ammonia and/or nitrite spike, or high levels of nitrate, Microbe Lift PL Gel can be used to help lower these levels.

Filter Pad Size Treated* — Amount of Biological Media Treated*
  8oz bottle: Up to a 12” x 12” filter pad OR up to ½ cubic feet of biological media
16oz bottle: Up to a 15” x 20” filter pad OR up to 1.5 cubic feet of biological media
32oz bottle: Up to a 56” x 24” filter pad OR up to 3 cubic feet of biological media

*NOTE: these measurements are based on the experience of PondMarket maintenance crews in the field. They are not published by Ecological Laboratories or Microbe Lift.

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