Microbe Lift Phosphate Remover

Removes problem phosphates that cause algae blooms due to excessive fish feeding, organic waste and other sources.


MICROBE-LIFT POND PHOSPHATE REMOVER is a polymeric blend with outstanding qualities, including the ability to tie-up large quantities of Phosphate without negatively influencing the Pond Water in any way. Phosphate – caused by the decomposition of organic substances such as food surpluses, dead plant matter and fish waste – is harmful in concentrations above 0.3 ppm in fresh water.

Test the water for total ppm (parts per million) of Phosphate in your pond. Refer to Dosage Rates.

Dosage Rates:
Use once ounce (5 capfuls) of Microbe Lift Phosphate Remover per 100 U.S. Gallons.
Depending on water quality, organics and fish waste content, 1 ounce can remove between 1.0 and 1.5 ppm of Phosphate.
If phosphate level is still high, repeat dose.
In case of a very high phosphate level, several treatments may be required to eradicate the excess phosphate problem.

Always add Microbe Lift Phosphate Remover near the recirculating pump.

*PondMarket recommends using Barley Products in conjunction with Phosphate Removers to control organic debris.

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