Mosquito Quick Kill

Simply sprinkle into the Water Garden!

  • Mosquitos are gone fast.
  • Harmless to Pond fish!
  • 8 oz. Mosquito Bits.


Mosquito Bits are great for ponds, fountains, rain barrels, gutters, birdbaths, animal watering troughs, unused tires, water features, etc. Mosquito Bits are a Biological Mosquito Control that quickly kills mosquito larvae within 24 hours. 

Mosquito Bits can be applied directly to containerized standing water such as:

  • Water Gardens
  • Flower Pots
  • Rain Barrels
  • Roof Gutters
  • Bird Baths
  • Tree Holes
  • Unused Swimming Pools
  • Old Car Tires
  • Animal Watering Troughs

8oz Can Treats up to 2178 square feet

Also try Mosquito Dunks.

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