North Star Aerator

Successful pond management programs are comprised of aeration, dye, bacteria, and herbicide for vegetation control



The “North Star” Fountain Aerator is the perfect addition to any pond or lake when a prestigious appearance is desired, yet water quality is also a concern. The stately appearance of the “North Star” combines a visually appealing water feature with a powerful, vibrant water aerator, which will assist in controlling algae growth and in promoting a healthy aquatic environment. The dynamic action of the “North Star” moves an impressive 600 gallons of water per minute, creating a strong surface current to help eliminate algae and debris. Perfect for commercial, residential, and municipal applications, the “North Star” creates an inviting expression of comfort and elegance. Like our other Aerators, this one is approved for use in fresh, salt, or brackish water conditions. The “North Star” aerator has an impressive 10’ high x 18’ wide display! These units are made for continuous operation year round. If the unit is pulled from the water during the wintertime, winterization is a breeze! To winterize the aerator all you have to do is hose it off with fresh water…That’s it



Cord Length

Maximum Cord Legnth



Spray Height

Spray Width

1.5 Horsepower 


100 feet

250 feet



10 Feet

18 Feet

What is the minimum water depth required for my Scott Aerator or Fountain?

All ½ HP Aerators should be placed in no less than 28” of water. All 1½ HP Aerators should be placed in no less than 38” of water. All ½ HP Fountains should be placed in no less than 28” of water. All 1½ HP Fountains should be placed in no less than 42” of water.

Large Aerators and Fountains often have custom cord lengths and therefore are assembled as ordered. These items ship within 10 days. To inquire about demand and current up to the minute lead times, please call toll free: 1-800-577-5605. Thanks!

Additional information

Weight 80 lbs
Shipping Included
PM Warranty Service

Parts Avail.

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