PondCare AlgaeFix

Fish and Plant safe Algae control for Garden Ponds, Fish Ponds and Water Gardens

  • Helps control "Green Water", Algae Blooms, Blanketweed (Oedogonium), and String Algae.
  • Keeps Fish Ponds and Water Gardens clean and clear.
  • Controls existing Algae and helps prevent additional Algae Blooms.
  • EPA Reg.# 8709-8

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*Sorry, this item cannot ship to Canada


Eliminate all types of Algae (Green Water and String Algae) in your Fish Pond or Water Garden. Safe for Plants and Fish if used as directed.(EPA Reg.# 8709-8)

When treating Garden Pondscontaining fish, be sure it is well aerated! If the pond water looks like pea soup or is really green it may be necessary to do a partial water change before treating with Pond Care Algae Fix. As with any liquid algaecide for ponds, the algae cells have to be coated with the algaecide. If the water is very green, the prescribed dosage that is safe for fish and plants may not be enough to clear up the water. Doing a partial water change thins out the algae cells. AlgaeFIx can be used every three days until algae growth is under control.

Part #




16 oz Treats 4,800 gallons



32 oz Treats 9,600 gallons



64 oz Treats 19,200 gallons



1 gallon Treats 38,400 gallons



2.5 gallons Treats 96,000 gallons


*Sorry, this item cannot ship to Canada

Initital Application

Maintenance Application

1 tsp. per 50 gal. /every 3 days until under control

1 tsp. per 50 gal./ once a week

Make sure that Pond has good aeration prior to treating to prevent Fish loss from low oxygen levels, especially in warm/hot weather.

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