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Bulk Koi and Goldfish Food for Spring/Fall

Easily digestible cool weather Pond Fish Food for Autum and Winter


Feed your Koi, Goldfish and other Pond Fish PondMarket Cool Weather Wheat Germ Food during the cooler weather of spring and fall when water temperatures are below 65 degrees.
When pond water temperatures drop, fish have trouble digesting foods high in protein and require a food they can easily digest in cooler water, since their body temperature is regulated by their environment. Our bulk Cool Weather Wheat Germ based Pond Fish Food formula is formulated with less protein and a higher level of fats to help the Pond Fish digest it more easily and still store food and energy to help them through winter when they eat very little.

Available in 3 sizes

  • Spring/ Fall Formula
  • Contains Stabilized Vitamin C
  • Will Not Cloud Water

Guaranteed Analysis:

Protein 32%
Fat 7%
Fiber 5%
Moisture 8%
Ash 8%
Phosphorus 1.3%
Copper 7mg/kg

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