PondMax All In One 6 In One Filter System with 13 Watt UVC


The PondMax All in One Pond Filtration System is really a “6 in one” Pond Filter. It features an extra large UVC, 13 Watts, and is one of the only all in one pond filtration systems to have a UV viewing window so you know the UVC is working. The kit comes with a dual action diverter valve so the amount of water coming out of the fountain set can be adjusted. There is another port for a water feature or waterfall that is adjustable, too. The pond filtration system can be used with or without the fountain head set.  

  • Can be used with or without the fountain heads
  • Includes multi-step hose adapter for running a spitter, waterfall, or other water feature
  • Includes dual control diverter valve to control 2 features
  • Fountain head set adjusts from 17″ – 25″ (when attached to filter system) and has a telescopic pole/ riser
  • Foutain head set and diverter valve are threaded to prevent accidental detachment
  • Telescopic riser includes ball knuckle so fountain head set remains plumb despite uneven pond bottom


The PondMax All In One Pond Filtration System is unique: it has 3 biological filtration compartments complete with zeolite for biological filtration and filter pads for “polishing” the Pond Water.
Unlike other “all in one” Pond Filter solutions, the PondMax All in One Pond Filtration system is easily taken apart for cleaning and minimal effort is needed to put the unit back together.  The included UV filter is a 13-watt Ultraviolet Clarifier which is stronger than other all in one filter solutions provide (most all in one pond filter systems come with a 9 watt UV). 

Max Pond – No Fish/Shaded 1000 gallons
Max Pond – Fish/Full Sun 500 gallons
Max Pump Flow 660 gph
Max Head 8 ft
UV wattage  13
Outlet 1/2″ / 3/4″ / 1″
Cable Length 30 ft
Filter Dimensions 10″ x 15″ x 5″ Thick
Overall Dimensions with Fountain  10″ x 15″ (filter box) x 17″ – 25″ High

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
PM Warranty Service

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