PondMax EVO II Adjustable Pond and Waterfall Pumps


PondMax EVO II Skimmer and Water feature pumps have a high quality design and provide a low wattage way to power your Pond.  Each EVO II pump comes with a 2 year warranty that DOES cover the IMPELLER! 

These Submersible Pumps are continuous rated and designed to run 24/7. The Tool-less assembly provides easy maintenance. Just unclip the front cage and twist open to clean the pre-filter and/or any debris.

Design Highlights:

  • Variable Frequency Motor Technology – Extra high speed rotations of impellor.
  • Open Vane Impellor Design – Handles large particles size up to 4mm soft sediment.
  • Long life Impellor Design – Ceramic shaft is wear resistant and self-lubricated by water
  • High Head Pressure – Due to extra high speed rotations of impellor.
  • Energy Efficient – Exceptional low power consumption to high water flow conversion.
  • Eco Friendly – Exceptional low dB noise rating with low mechanical vibration.

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