PS15000 Skimmer

Super Flow Weir Doors for Maximum Surface Cleaning!


  1. Atlantic Pro Series Big Bahama Pond Skimmers have a sturdy removable top lid that supports natural stone to camouflage the Pond Skimmer and foot traffic to prevent damage from the pond skimmer being walked on.
  2. The heavy duty brush panel and debris net inside the pond skimmer maximizes surface area for optimal mechanical filtration. Brushes and Debris nets are far better than filter pads because filter pads frequently clog.
  3. The debris net frame is stainless steel too! Many other competing pond skimmers use other types of metal for the debris net frame often rusting out and becoming inoperable within only a few seasons.
  4. Atlantic Water Gardens Big Bahama Pro-Series Pond Skimmers are one of the only pond skimmers on the market to utilize Rolled Upper Rims providing incredible strength and very clean lines. These help with the overall integrity of the pond skimmer preventing bowing of the unit from side to side and front to back. The rolled upper rim also contributes to the amount of weight the lid can hold.

All Atlantic Pro Series Big Bahama Pond Skimmers have drill points for:

  • Overflow pipe installation
  • Bottom Drain Installation
  • Pump Discharge

NEW rolled upper rim provides clean lines and incredible strength. (Models 4600, 4900, 7000, 9500)
Super Flow weir door for maximum surface cleaning
Gatekeeper brush panel (sold separately) allows leaves and debris to pass while restricting fish and frogs from entering the skimmer
High-density polyethylene shell for the ultimate in durability


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Weight 57 lbs
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