Wifi Pond Water Monitoring System

Automatic Pond Testing and Monitoring Video below.



Ever found you have lost a Koi but didn’t know why?
Your Pond leaked, but found out too late?
Seneye Pond makes it easy for you to monitor your Pond and protect your Pond Fish.
The Seneye Pond Monitoring System can guard fish from the devastating effects of ammonia poisoning, as well as harmful swings in pH and temperature. The Intelligent Software automatically monitors the pond day and night, alerting you before there is a problem — the ultimate in stress-free fish keeping! 

Every pond owner has experienced fish loss, whether it was a couple of beloved Koi or Goldfish or an entire Pond full of Koi and Goldfish.
Another common problem is the “out of nowhere” algae bloom. Often, our ponds look awesome and then, one day, we come home to a green mess or a waterfall covered in algae.

Seneye devices are USB compatible, so there are multiple connection options available.
Place the Seneye  directly in a filter or float it in a pond.
The seneye Pond Monitoring System is suitable for any sized pond.

The Seneye Pond Monitoring System monitors the following:


  • Ammonia (NH3)
  • pH
  • Temperature

 with Upgrades:

  • Water level
  • Oxygen


  • Offline every hour
  • Online every 30 minutes
  • Webserver stored 30 days
  • email warnings
  • device warning


Minimum Requirements:

Windows PC with a wired or wireless network and TCP/IP protocol, Windows XP, Vista 32-/64-bit, Windows 7 32-/64bit.
Full speed USB 1.0 port
Minimum 1Ghz processor and 128mb RAM
Internet Browser: Internet Explorer 9.0+, Firefox 4.0+, Safari 4.0+
Download of seneye connect application required from seneye.com

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
PM Warranty Service

Parts Avail.

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