• Winter hardy
  • Unique colors
  • Pretty fins and tails
  • Easy to care for
  • Play well with others
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Pond Fish are GUARANTEED to arive ALIVE. Thant’s right, all pond fish shipped are GUARANTEED LIVE DELIVERY. Fish are shipped Monday – Thursday for next day delivery to your home. Pond Fish are shipped THE DAY AFTER the order is placed. For example: if fish are ordered on a Monday, they will ship Tuesday, for delivery to your home on Wednesday. See Shipping schedule below. Pond Fish deliveries MUST be dealt with immediately. Once the package is delivered the box should be opened, the fish bag must be removed from the box, and the bag must be placed in the pond water for 10 minutes*. Once the bag has been floating for 10 minutes* the fish can be released from the bag into the pond. Failure to be home when the package is delivered, failure to float the bag properly, and/or improper handling of the pond fish will VOID the live delivery GUARANTEE. For more information on package handling and guarantee information click here.

Shubunkins can have a wide variety of colors. Oranges, Blues, Reds, Yellows, and Blacks are all common colors to the Shubunkin. Shubunkins are great for fish ponds because they are winter hardy, grow to pond size, and are very easy maintained. Shubunkins typically do not grow larger than 12". The color patterns and smaller size make this a great fish for ponds that are too small for koi. Although they are great for small ponds they enjoy large ponds too. Shubunkins are miled mannered and get along with other types of pond fish like common goldfish, comets, sarasa commons, hy-fin banded sharks, trap door snails, and all types of koi.

Shubunkin Packages

Fish Package Fish Size # of Fish in Package Price of Package
#1 5" 18 $149.99
#2 6" 9 $149.99
#3 8" 5 $149.99

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