Microbe Lift Legacy Summer Staple Pond Fish Food

One of THE Best Summer Diets Available for Pond Fish!

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4 lbs12 oz Summer Staple 4 lbs12 oz Summer Staple MLLSSLG
40 lbs Summer Staple 40 lbs Summer Staple MLLSSBAG
2 lbs Summer Staple 2 lbs Summer Staple MLLSSMD
14 lbs Summer Staple 14 lbs Summer Staple MLLSSXL
10 oz Summer Staple 10 oz Summer Staple MLLSSSM


Microbe-Lift Legacy Pond Fish Food is a proven diet for all Garden Pond Fish!

Utilizing "Natures Building Blocks", the Legacy Food Line utilizes 2 strains of Beneficial Bacteria that ensure the proper bacterial population in your Pond Fishes' Intestinal Tract, keeping them healthy. These bacteria strands are FDA approved in the U.S. and EU and play a vital role in the health of your Garden Pond Fish.

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