PondCare Test Kit for pH

pH Test Kits are essential in that the nitrogen cycle and aquatic life, as well as anything used to treat the pond, work best when the pH of pond water measures from 6.5 to 8.0. This pH test kit is accurate and easy to use.





This pH test kit comes complete with a test tube, solution, and a color chart. Liquid test kits are not as convenient as test strips, but, they are more accurate than test strips.

There are many times when pond plants are not doing well, pond water is not clear, koi and other pond fish do not do well, and filters appear to not be working, regardless of what water treatments are applied to the pond. Often, the common denominator is a pH that is too high or too low. Most water treatments are designed to work in a neutral pH environment (7.0). The nitrogen cycle works best when the pH is 7.0. Pond plants photosynthesize more effeciently, meaning they look better, bloom more, and are better at cleaning pond water when the pH is 7.0. Pond fish digest food at a higher rate and have more vivid colors when the pH is balanced (7.0). There are more reasons than not to check the pH of your pond.




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