Aqua Ultraviolet Classic Series UV’s w/ Wiper


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Aqua Ultraviolet UV’s will clear your water in 3 to 5 days sometimes overnight and keep it that way. Performance is guaranteed when sized, installed and operated according to our instructions.The optional wiper cleaning system keeps your quartz sleeve crystal clear and 100% efficient without opening the end or removing any parts in the process – Just periodically pull the handle in and out a few times.

Use the Clarifier Column to select a UV to clear up green water.  Use the Sterilizer Column to select a UV to eliminate bacteria and protozoa.

8 Watt1 8W1,500 gal.1000 gph200 gal642 gph
15 Watt1 15W2,000 gal.1800 gph500 gal700 gph
25 Watt1 25W4,000 gal.2000 gph1,200 gal.1200 gph
40 Watt1 40W6,000 gal.3000 gph2,000 gal.2900 gph
57 Watt1 57W8,000 gal.3500 gph3,000 gal.3200 gph
80 Watt2 40W9,000 gal.4500 gph4,400 gal.3678 gph
114 Watt2 57W9,500 gal.4500 gph4,400 gal.3900 gph
120 Watt2 40W12,000 gal.6500 gph6,000 gal.4080 gph
160 Watt4 40W16,000 gal.9000 gph8,500 gal.5400 gph
200 Watt5 40W20,000 gal.10000 gph13,000 gal.6000 gph
240 Watt6 40W25,000 gal.12000 gph17,000 gal.7200 gph
  • Designed for Outdoor Use.
  • Single End Lamp Connection.
  • Lifetime Housing Warranty.
  • Industry’s Longest Lamp Life – Up To 14 Months.
  • Rid your pond or water garden of green water guaranteed.


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