Atlantic Water Gardens Oasis Filterfalls Biological Waterfall Filter

Compact footprint means less digging!



Atlantic Water Gardens Oasis Filterfalls biological waterfall pond filters provide excellent mechanical and biological filtration. The Oasis units were developed to fill the void between the small units manufactured by atlantic and the large Big Bahama units manufactured by Atlantic. Atlantic Water Gardens basically took the Big Bahama and shrunk it to accomodate larger “smaller” ponds. The added convenience of larger media chambers, rock trays to hide the filter, the autonomy of locating the hose unique to the installation, and the ability to incorporate bottom drains into the units for easy cleaning were traditionally only available on the Big Bahama products.

Atlantic Water Gardens Oasis Filterfalls Features:

  • “Rolled Upper Rim”
  • Removable Top Grate and Support Bar
  • Dual Bio-Tech Mats & Media Bag
  • Sturdy Bottom Grate
  • Heavy Duty 1.5″ Bulhead
  • One Piece Liner Attachment Flange
  • Solid Lip and Molded in Stainless Steel Inserts

The “Rolled Upper Rim” provides added stregnth to prevent bowing and flexing as well as giving the filterfall clean lines. Many waterfall filters , “filterfalls”, do not have a rolled edge causing the units to bow when stones are placed on top of them.

The support bars and top grate allow for stonework to be done directly on top of the unit for camouflage. These are removable components too so that the top can be filled with aquatic plants or nothing at all.

Each Atlantic Water Gardens Oasis Filterfalls comes with 2 filter mats and a media bag for the biological media of your choice. Lava rock, ceramic rings, and/or bioballs can be used for biological filter media.

All Atlantic Water Gardens Filterfalls come with heavy duty bulkheads. The Oasis Filterfalls come with an 1.5″ bulkhead but 2″ can be purchased if a 2″ hose will be used.

Many waterfall filters have detached lips. In other words, the liner is attached to the waterfall filter at the lip and the lip attaches to form the seal. Often, many of these types of units also use inferior hardware that rusts out within a few seasons. Atlantic uses a one piece molded flange that eases the installation process, prevents leaks, and utilizes stainless hardware. Furthermore, the nuts are “inserted” or pre-molded into the tank for ease of installation.

Model BF1600
Spillway Width 16″
Dimensions 21.5″ W x 19.5″ D x 17.75″ H
Bulkhead 1.5″
Recommended Skimmer PS3900
Other Includes stainless hardware, bulkhead, fish & plant safe silicone, media bag, and top grate

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Shipping Included
PM Warranty Service

Parts Avail.

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