Silicone Sealant for Ponds

Silicone sealer is commonly used for adhering pond liners to pond skimmers and waterfall filters.



Fish and plant safe silicone is used for adhering pond equipment to pond liners, pond leak repair, waterfall leak repair, and when builing ponds, waterfalls, and various water features and fountains. 

Silicone sealer is used for:

  • Adhering Pond Liner to Pond Skimmers and Waterfall Filters.
  • Seaming Pond Liner (with single and double sided seam tape).
  • Sealing Pond Tubing and Pond Hose to barbed fittings.
  • Works great with all types of Rubber Pond Liners and Pre-formed Garden Ponds!
  • 2 sizes available: squeeze tube (3oz) and caulk gun size tube (10.5oz)



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