UVs for Savio Skimmers

Aqua UV’s have relatively inexpensive replacement bulbs compared to Savio. They make an excellent UV clarifier for Savio skimmers without any problems. 


Aqua Ultraviolet makes a UV clarifier for Savio Skimmers that is proven, they fully support, and UV bulbs are FAR LESS EXPENSIVE than Savio.  

 Retrofit UV Clarifier for Savio Skimmers

ModelFitsMax Pond Size Max Flow RateCord LengthReplacement Bulb
15 WattSavio Compact SKimmer2000 Gallons1800 GPH11′ (8′ from plug to transformer) 15 Watt Aqua
25 WattFull Size Savio Skimmer4000 Gallons4000 GPH11′ (8′ from plug to transformer)25 Watt Aqua
57 WattFull Size Savio Skimmer6500 Gallons4000 GPH11′ (8′ from plug to transformer)57 Watt Aqua

 Cut max pond size in half for ponds in full sun, minimal plant load, and high fish load. Using two UV clarifiers (in the full size Savio skimmer) increases the max capacity of the UVs up to 50%. 

Each kit includes:

  • UV Bulb
  • Fittings
  • Transformer
  • Quartz Sleeve
  • Detailed Instructions


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