Gold Label Sealer for Garden Ponds

Gold Label Sealerrepairs small holes in Garden and Fish Ponds. Seals UNDER WATER works with most materials including EPDM.



Gold Label Sealeris used to Seal joints, cracks and holes in EPDM, concrete, masonry, bricks, plastic, marble and granite. Gold Label Sealer adheres well to wet and oily surfaces, and sticks underwater while stretching and flexing and will never harden or crack. Forms a watertight joint between all hard surfaces. The most versatile sealant available for the EPDM, concrete, masonry, plastic and stone.


  • Stretches and flexes
  • One part, easy to use
  • Never cracks
  • Stops leaks immediately
  • Seals under water and oily surfaces
  • Seals leaks and seams in cooling towers
  • Seals joints, cracks and holes in concrete and masonry

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Weight 1 lbs
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