Farm Pond Stocking Fish including Catfish, Bluegill, Crappie, Bass, Minnows, Redear Sunfish and Grass Carp

Wild, warm water Game, Sun and Catfish for Lakes, Farm and Fishing Ponds


PondMarket has contracted with one of the Premier Game and Catfish Hatcheries to supply our customers stocking wild Fish for Farm Pond and Lakes.
Through this partnership we are able to provide deliveries of healthy Pond and Lake stocking Fish in quantities suitable to stock Farm Ponds, Fishing Ponds and Lakes of all sizes. Our hatchery partner is known world wide for the genetic integrity and disease resistance of the warm water wild, sun and game fish they provide.

Our Fishery/Hatchery partner is the Midwest’s largest multi-species hatchery, with 50 years of experience in supplying certified fingerlings and larger wild and Game Fish specimen to Zoos, Schools and Farm Pond & Lake owners.
We have put together packages suitable for initial or up stocking of several sizes Farm and Fishing Ponds, as well as Lakes.
Individual species, as well as sizes larger than the fingerling Game and Catfish listed in these packages are available HERE

Fingerlings included in these packages:
Fathead Minnows (the cheapest for initial stocking of Lakes, Fishing Ponds and Farm Ponds – later become food for the other Game Fish)
Bluegill Sunfish (1″ – 3″ or larger)
Readear Sunfish (1″ – 3″ or larger)
Channel Catfish (6″ – 8″ or larger)

Size Package # 1
1/4 acre stocking
Package # 2
1/2 acre stocking
Package # 3
1 acre stocking
Package # 4
3 acre stocking
Content 1000 Fathead Minnows
150 Bluegill Sunfish
25 Redear Sunfish
25 Channel Catfish
1000 Fathead Minnows
250 Bluegill Sunfish
50 Redear Sunfish
50 Channel Catfish
2000 Fathead Minnows
400 Bluegill Sunfish
100 Readear Sunfish
100 Channel Catfish
3-5000 Fathead Minnows
1200  Bluegill Sunfish
300  Redear Sunfish
300  Channel Catfish
Price $ 150 $ 250 $ 400 $ 1.200

Freight cost is $ 150 for a truck load (any of the listed packages – and more – fit on one truck)

To order stocking quantities of other species and/or sizes of Wild and Game Fish please go HERE

** Currently only Missouri customers can order online.
Customers from other states require a permit from the controlling agency of that state.
Please call us for help and information for these orders!


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