Laguna Pressure Flo Filters

The new and improved Laguna Pressure-Flo 1000 pressurized pond filter eliminates green water and kills algae safely, cleans easily, and has a larger UV. 

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The new and improved Laguna Pressure-Flo pressurized pond filters eliminates green water and kills algae. It also back-washes for easy cleaning.  The Laguna Pressure Flo filters provides mechanical filtration coupled with a powerful UVC sterilizer to produce a clear, clean and healthy pond. Models 2000-4000 provide biological filtration combined with the UVC sterilzier and mechanical fitration (bio-lava media included).

Part #PT1725PT1726PT1727PT1728
Load*Low LoadHeavy LoadLow LoadHeavy LoadLow LoadHeavy LoadLow LoadHeavy Load
Max Gallons5001000100020001500300020004000
UVC13 Watts 13 Watts 24 Watt 36 Watt 
Cord Length16 Feet16 Feet16 Feet16 Feet
Recommended PumpMax Flo 600Max Flo 960Max Flo 2000Max Flo 2400
FoamPT1735 x 3PT1736 x 4PT1737 x 4PT1737 x 5
Universal CouplingsPT640 x 3PT640 x 3PT640 x 3PT640 x 3
Canister Volume2.6 Gallons4.6 Gallons8.2 Gallons10.6 Gallons
Dimensions11.5″ x 13.5″ H11.5″ x 20″ H14.5″ x 20″ H14.5″ x 20.5″H
Biological MediaN/A1600 GT3200 GT4800 GT

 Load refers to the amount of sun exposure, fish, and aquatic plant life in the pond. If the pond is 1000 gallons, is in full sun, has a minimum amount of plants and a fair amount of fish, then a 2000 gallon filter should be used.


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