Laguna Pressure Flo Pond Filter Service Kit

Service kits put together from the manufacturer to eliminate the guess work out of putting the filter in service for spring!

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Getting ready to put your pond filter back into service for spring? Not sure what items for the filter you need? This kit makes it easy. Laguna Pressure Flo Pond Filter Service Kits take all the guess work out of determining what items you will need for the filter to operate properly another season.

Filter pads break down and UV light bulbs emit less of the useful light used to control algae. That’s why manufacturers recommend changing these two components annually. O-rings often need to be changed and lubricated, and quarts glass tubes need to be cleaned, etc. This kit does it all!!

Each Laguna Pressure Flo Backwashing Pond Filter with UV (ultra violet clarifier) has a service kit made by the maufacturer: Filter models 700 (PT-1500), 1400 (PT-1502), 2100 (PT-1504), 3200 (PT-1506).

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