Microbe-Lift 7.5 pH Buffer Stabilizer

Safely buffers pH Levels and prevents Wide pH Swings!



  • Includes 2 pH Buffers for gentle effectiveness and 3 electrolytes to help maintain osmotic balance.
  • Specially formulated to Control Pond Fish Toxicity which may arise from overdosing.
  • Provides necessary alkalinity for nitrification.
  • Not harmfull to Pond Fish or Pond Plants!


  • To Lower pH – Add 1 level scoop (included) per 100 gallons
  • To Raise pH – Add a pH increase treatment (i.e. Microbe-Lift pH Increase) then add 1 level scoop per 100 gallons.

DO NOT mix this product with any other treatments before adding to Pond. Unwanted reactions may occur.


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