Microbe Lift pH Decrease

Microbe Lift pH Decrease safely lowers pond pH levels. Formulated to safely decrease pH faster than other products while protecting Pond Fish


Safely LOWERS the Garden Pond pH Levels.

  • Formulated in Deionized Water.
  • 2 pH Decreasers in one for gentle effectiveness.
  • 3 electrolytes to help maintain Osmotic Balance.
  • Includes a slime coat ingredient for skin protection and stress reduction in Garden Pond Fish.
  • Has a chelating agent to help remove toxic metal traces.
  • Not harmful to Pond Fish or Pond Plants.




PHDE16 16 oz 9,600 gallons
PHDE32 32 oz 19,200 gallons
PHDEGAL   1 gal 76,800 gallons

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