MinnFinn Koi and Goldfish Medication

Non-toxic koi and goldfish medication that cures most koi and goldfish diseases with a single application. 


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  • MinnFInn is environmentally a safe, nontoxic medication for parasitic, bacterial, or fungal diseases
  • Comes with Neutralizing agent eliminating the need for water changes


MinnFinn is a broad-spectrum medication, and is probably the most broad sprectrum product on the market that works, and is perfect for almost any pond from small container ponds less than 200 gallons to large ponds up to 8,000 gallons (larger ponds will require more than one kit. 

MinnFinn Mini is the easiest and fastest koi and goldfish treatment on the market to use for parasitic, bacterial, and/or fungal diseases. The product can be neutralized after one hour and there is no need to change pond water or do a partial water change after the treatment. Each kit comes with the neutralizer NeuFinn. NeuFinn is required with MinnFinn use and it neutralizes and stops the treatment immediately. NeuFinn slightly raises oxygen levels.

MinnFinn is harmless to the environment. When neutralized, MinnFinn breaks down into regular occuring compounds.  MinnFinn treats diseases cause by parasites such as Ich or White Spot, Costia, Chilodonella, Trichodina, or Flukes; those caused by bacteria, or those caused by fungi. Do not use with invertebrates.

Size Treats
MinFinn Mini 220 Gallons (110 Pond, 220 Aquarium)
MinnFinn Regular Strength 2240 Gallons
MinnFinn Max *** 8000 Gallons

MinnFinn Max cannot ship via small package and must ship truck freight

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