Medfinn Medicated Pond Fish Food Fact Sheet

MedFinn Medicated Feed

What does MedFinn treat?
MedFinn was developed to treat gram negative bacterial infections
found on the inside of your fish. MinnFinn was brought to you to
treat any of the external infections you encounter. Now AquaFinn is
closing the loop with MedFinn to treat those stubborn internal
bacterial infections that can cause dropsy and ulcers.

How many treatments of MedFinn are needed?
The MedFinn treatment protocol is based on that that was developed
for treating fish in the aquaculture industry as specified by the FDA.
At the labeled dose for the antibiotic Romet, a ten day treatment at
the calculated quantity of feed per day should eliminate most
bacterial infections.

What is the active ingredient?
The active ingredient in MedFinn is Romet which is a potentiated
sulfonamide antibiotic. Of the three antibiotics legal for use in fish,
this one has some of the best responsiveness for treating these
bacterial infections.

How long is a MedFinn treatment?
MedFinn needs to be fed out over 10 days at a specific rate. We
have developed a calculator sheet that the store owners will have
which will tell you how much food you will need. The duration of the
treatment and the dose in the feed is as specified by the FDA to
ensure a proper treatment and to minimize bacterial resistance. All
you need to know is the length of each of the fish in your pond.
How does MedFinn compare to other medicated feeds?
MedFinn is based on the science behind the treatment of bacterial
infections. The dose of antibiotic in the feed, the amount of feed
used and the duration fed are all very specific. The directions and
antibiotics used in other products are often vague and you the user
are often left guessing. If the feeding is done incorrectly there is a
good chance you can either get an ineffective treatment or cause
health issues in the fish.

Why do I need to treat with MedFinn for 10 days?
As with any antibiotic, if you do not use it long enough or at too low
a dose you can create resistance to the antibiotic in the bacteria you
are trying to eliminate. With the misuse and broad use of
oxytetracycline over the years, there are many bacteria that are
resistant to it thus we lose a tool in our toolbox. In the development
of MedFinn it is not the medication that is different, it is the care we
have put into the way it is used. We ensure that the quantity in the
food is at the correct level and then we help you determine the
amount you need to feed to ensure a proper treatment.