Pump Sock

Pump Socks increase the amount of time between cleanings, prevent pumps from clogging, and keep frogs and fish out of pump intakes. 


Pump Sock Pre-filters can be used as sole filtration for small ponds, 50 gallons or less. Pump socks measure 11″ in diameter and 9″ tall and work great for pumps 750 GPH and up. 

Have you ever cleaned your Pond Pump only to look back an hour later and the pump is clogged again?
Tired of replacing pumps that burn out because of frequent clogs?
How about pulling that poor dead frog out of the pond pump?
Or the cute little baby fish?


Pond Pump Socks are an economical way to eliminate all that:

  1. They prolong the life of the Pond Pump
  2. Increase pump efficiency (pumps that run clogged can use more power than clean pumps)
  3. Block baby fish, frogs and other pond life from being sucked into the pump
  4. Decrease frequency of cleaning the Pond Pump


Pond Pump Socks are a precision mesh bag that is lined with filter material. This increases the intake surface area to that of the entire circumference versus the 6″ diameter or smaller intake on a typical pond pump. PondBuilder Pump Socks work with all submersible pond pumps: magnetic, horizontal shaft, vertical shaft, asynchronous, direct drive, and solids handling pond pumps. It’s recommended that this be used with pumps 750 GPH or larger. Smaller pumps may not be able to take up enough room inside the bag to keep the filter mats in place.



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