PondCare Pond Water Test Kits

Each Pond Water Test Kit does many tests and comes with everything needed to complete the test:

  • Instructions
  • Test Liquid
  • Vial(s)
  • Color Chart

Buy each Test Kit separately or a set of all 4


PondCare Pond Water Test Kits measure across the wide ranges necessary to properly take care of a water garden, pond, fish pond, koi pond, and/or water feature.
Properly testing and adjusting the water of a pond helps to keep the pond water clear and your Pond Plants and Pond Fish healthy!

  • Produces OVER 500 tests (with the purchase of all 4 test kits)!!
  • Easy, Fast, & Scientifically Accurate for professional results
  • Measures pH, Ammonia, Nitrite, & Phosphate
  • Instructions in English

Each test kit comes with complete instructions on how to perform each test how often to perform each test, how to read the results, how to interpret the results, and how to correct unsafe water conditions when they exist.

Phosphate Test Kit – Phosphates encourage Algae Growth! Reduce high phosphates in the Pond Water with Phos-X.

Ammonia Test Kit – Ammonia is highly toxic to Pond Fish and can be present in tap water. Reduce any danger with Koi TLC.

Nitrite Test Kit
– Nitrite, like ammonia, is toxic to pond fish. To provide temporary relief for the pond fish, use Koi TLC. For permanent Nitrite reduction, use Microbe Lift Nite Out II.

pH Test Kit
– NOTHING in the Pond works right if the pH is out of balance: Beneficial Bacteria won’t multiply properly, Pond Plants won’t grow well, Ammonia and Nitrites can spike easily, the Pond easily turns green and String Algae can go out of control. Use one of the many pH adjusters available.

– Master Test Kit may be sent when all 4 kits are ordered.


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