Natural Concentrated Pond DeChlorinator

1oz treats 1000 gallons! Developed exclusively for Koi & Fish Ponds.


PondMarket Super Concentrated Tap Water Conditioner – Dechlorinator, like all PondMarket products, was developed to use in our Display Ponds and Pond Fish holding facilities.
No need to pre-mix. Simply add to the pond and then add tap water!
This is an excellent de-Chlorinator that is very economical to use and it helps to stabilize (buffer) pH.

  • Removes Chlorine and destroys Chloramines
  • Detoxifies heavy metals (including copper)
  • Buffers pH  
Part # Description Price
PSD16 16 oz – Treats 16,000 gallons 16.99
PSD32 32 oz – Treats 32,000 gallons 29.99

 *** NOTE: Does not neutralize free ammonia and therefore not recommended for use with large water changes. Use Koi TLC All in One Conditioner when changing 25% or more of the Pond Water.

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