CrystalClear® Vanish™ Pond Dechlorinator

One of the most economical Dechlorinators: Crystal Clear Vanish dry formula removes Chlorine and Chloramine
from Pond Water instantly!


Crystal Clear Vanish dry Dechlorinator removes Chlorine and Chloramine from Pond Water instantly to make it safe for Pond Fish!

Chlorine is toxic to Pond Fish and, if the pond water is left untreated, will cause Gill Damage and leave Pond Fish unable to breathe.
It is a myth that small top offs can be done without dechlorinating the water.
Over time gills get permanently damaged and Pond Fish eventually die (for what seems like no apparent reason)

  • Removes Chorine, Chloramine and other toxic heavy metals
  • Economical Dry Formulation (just mix with water)

Chlorine is harmful to some of the more delicate Pond Plants like Water Lilies as well.

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8 oz – Treats 24,000 gal.


2 lbs – Treats 96,000 gal.


25 lbs – Treats 1.2M gal

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