PondMax Pond Filters

Water Gardening to the Max with Pond Max Featuring SPIN-CLEAN Backwash Technology!


PondMax Pond Filters are the best pressure filters on the market for most ponds. They offer a unique spin technology developed by PondMax (an Australian company). Benefits offered in this Pond Filter exceed those of Laguna Pressure Flo Filters, TetraPond Filters, and those of other leading brands:

  • On/off valve for the backwash function, so the backwash hose can stay on permanently.
  • No levers to push and pull or that wear out and/or break
  • Ultra high flow rates so one pump can typically be used for the Waterfall and Pond Filter (most other pressure filters have a low max flow rate meaning that a small pump has to be purchased for the filter and larger one for the waterfall. 
  • Nested bio-balls for super easy cleaning.

Filter PF750* PF1200 PF2400 PF3600

Max Flow

1000 1200 2400 3600

Max Pond Size

750  1200  2400  3600 

Max Pond Size
w/ Fish & Full Sun

350  600  1200  1800
Hose Size 3/4″ – 1 1/4″  3/4″ – 1 1/2″
Dimensions 16″ D x 14″ H   16″ D x 16″ H  16″ D x 20″ H  16″ D x 29″ H

 *The PF750 does not include ball valve fitting.



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