Tadpole Pond Filter

Tired of suspended particles in the pond that won’t come out? This is the filter for you! Replacing pumps every year could be from an inadequate pre-filter!


Tadpole Filters/Pre-Filters provide basic, easy-to-maintain filtration for small ponds up to 5,000 gallons. Use a Tadpole Filter as the mechanical filter positioned at a submersible pump’s discharge and prior to a SMART UV. Tadpoles can also be used as pre-filters positioned at the pump’s suction, supplying solids-free water to additional filters or accessories.



300 Gallon Tadpole Filter

4″ x 12″

1000 Gallon Tadpole Filter

7″ x 17″

5000 Gallon Tadpole Filter

11″ x 24″

5000 Gallon Tadpole Filter w/ UV

11″ x 24″

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