Tempo In Pond Skimmer

Tempo In-Pond Skimmer Filters are ideal for preformed ponds, garden ponds, and retro-fit applications. 


The Tempo Pond Skimmer Filter installs inside the pond liner eliminating any chance of pond leaks. 

  • Ideal for preformed garden ponds and adding a pond skimmer to existing garden ponds, koi ponds, fish ponds, and water gardens. 
  • Each Tempo Pond Skimmer Filter Includes  the pond skimmer filter, weir door, pond debris basket, filter pad, fittings, and two straps
  • Rated for pond pumps up to 1800 gallons per hour
  • Pond Skimmer Filter can hang inside pond with two straps or sit on a ledge inside the pond
  • There is no lid available for the Temp
  • Pond pump hooks directly to the side of the Tempo Pond Skimmer Filter


Dimensions12 1/2″L x 10 1/2″W x 11 1/4H”

Additional information

Weight5 lbs
Shipping Included
PM Warranty Service

Parts Avail.

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