Tetra Pond Barley & Peat Extract

Creates naturally clear water and reduces Garden Pond Maintenance!


Barley Pond Products have excellent clarifying power for the water in Fish Ponds, Koi Ponds, Water Gardens, Garden Ponds, and other Water Features.
As the Barley goes to work, debris on waterfall rocks and streams goes away, water becomes clear, and the fish pond seems to do better.
What could be better than liquid Barley Extract?
Liquid Barley with PEAT!
Peat is somewhat of a new concept for the garden pond. It gives the water a slight hue that partially blocks the sun, which helps prevent algae growth, and also provides the fish with some relief from the sun! It’s like putting sunglasses on the fish – yet they can still be viewed clearly!

TetraPond Barley & Peat Extract reduces pond maintenance, is formulated to help clear pond water and keep it clear. It replaces barley bales and the mess associated with them, and is totally SAFE for Pond Fish and Pond Plants. After all, it’s all natural!




8.45oz – Treats 1,250 gal.


16.9 oz. – Treats 2,500 gal.

Tip: If Barley Bales are used it’s important to remember that these do not become effective until they begin to breakdown and decompose.
We recommend introducing the dry barley product with Barley Extract (liquid form). Liquid barley products begin to work immediately because liquid barley products are extracted from decomposing barley bales and are basically the essence of what makes the bales work.
The liquid will do its work until the dry product (bale, flakes, etc) begin to be effective.

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