Fizzy Kicks Concentrated Pond Bacteria Natural Pond Cleaner with Barley

Concentrated, odorless, no mess Beneficial Pond Bacteria Tablets with Barley enzymes.


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Kick Start the Ecology of your GardenPond with Fizzy Kicks Beneficial Bacteria Tablets!

Regular use of Fizzy Kicks Beneficial Pond Bacteria can eliminate the need for annual pond cleanings!.
Pond Maintenance crews use this product in their customers ponds because it keeps everything healthy and clean.
Bottom debris, sludge, and suspended solids in the water column are kept to a minimum.

Like all PondMarket brand products Fizzy Kicks was developed for our display ponds, which must be sparkling clean at all times.
Fizzy Kicks are highly concentrated, do not smell, disolve on their own and distribute Beneficial Bacteria throughout the Pond to digest organic matter.

To Apply:
Throw Fizzy Kicks tablets ANYWHERE in the pond. It is that simple!

Maintenance: 1 tablet for every 2000 gallons every 1-2 weeks
Clean Up:1 tablet per 1000 gallons every 1-7 days until cleaned up.
(The clean up process should take about 2 weeks with adequate filtration) 

Size Treats
12 tabs per Jar up to 24.000 gallons
24 tabs per Jar up to 48.000 gallons

Safe Pond “Shock” Treatment: Up to 12 tablets per 1000 gallons can be used to safely “shock” the pond
when water is extremely murky, when there is a Nitrite spike, and/or an Ammonia spike.
In this case the pond should have exceptional aeration, adequate filtration, and the fish should be
monitored for oxygen shortages. If there are no Pond Fish then there is nothing to worry about.
If oxygen deprivation occurs, immediately begin a water change and install an air pump
before completing another shock treatment.

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