Variable Speed Controller



The TidalWave VSC allows you to vary the output of TidalWave TT & TW-Series Asynchronous pumps wirelessly by remote control or mobile app! The VSC allows you to set both on and off times as well as drop to 25% of the total flow, in 10 levels of adjustment, giving you the ultimate control over water flow.

  • Unlike integrated variable speed controllers, where any failure of pump or controller renders everything non-operational, our Variable Speed Controller operates separately from the pump
  • The LCD screen on the control panel displays time of day, flow level, as well as a programmable on/off timer
  • The VSC will retain the flow level and programmed on/off times even in the event of power loss
  • Cord lock function to eliminate inadvertent plug disconnection
  • Rugged weatherproof housing allows you to mount the control box outdoors near your pump
  • Great for routine maintenance and feeding fish
  • For TT and TW pumps up to 800 watts
  • 6′ cord
  • 6″H x 4″L x 2″W
  • 3 year warranty

 Download the TidalWave VSC app on the App Store and Google Play to wirelessly control your Variable Speed Controller from your smartphone or tablet. The VSC app allows you to adjust the flow and power on/off your VSC. You can customize the network name and password for secure access. Effortlessly switch between multiple VSCs in Wi-Fi settings to control different water features

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