Atlantic Water Gardens Oasis FastFalls Waterfall Spillway Box



Tired of your waterfall box hanging out where everyone can see it?<br />Tired of leaky connections and leaky wateralls?
This new and innovative design prevents leaks, looks more natural, and is easier to conceal!

Atlantic Water Gardens Oasis line of pond products is comprised of contractor grade material that does not take a professional to install correctly the first time. The Atlantic Water Gardens Oasis FastFall is made to be installed INSIDE the pond liner eliminating the possibility of leaks. The new raised flange and “hood” over the weir allow for landscaping (mulch, gravel, etc) to run right up to the front edge of the FastFall without spilling into the waterfall and fouling the pond water. This feature prevents leaks from over pumping too! Traditional “open-top” spillways often leak over the sides and/or back when the pump is too large or the spillway shifts and is not level.

The Oasis FastFall has a pre-installed integrated spin-weld fitting to accept 1.5″ hose and plumbing so there is no need to worry about installing fittings that do not leak like other waterfall cascades and waterfall boxes. Product ships with a1.5″ male adapter for use with flexible PVC, or, a hose barb can be purcahsed separately for use with kink free hose. 

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Weight 6 lbs
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