Emperor HydroMax Pond Filters

Excellent for Koi Ponds, Watergardens, and Fish Ponds


  • Available with or without a UV! Upgrade Kits Available for models purchased without UV
  • 3 Models to Choose From
  • Mechanical and Biological Filtration
  • STRONG Durable Polyethylene Construction
  • CLEAN Solid Waste Filtering
  • BALANCED Bio Cell Biological Filtration
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR Effective UV Sterilization
  • Weir Kit available for use as a Waterfall Biofilter!

Choose from 3 HydroMAX Filter Models Choose the right HydroMAX for your pond. Our standard HydroMAX model comes complete with settling chamber, filter brushes and filter pad. The HydroMAX Super includes settling chamber with filter brushes, filter pads and internal 37-watt UV sterilizer. The complete HydroMAX PRO features settling chamber with filter brushes, filter pads, bio chamber with Kaldness media and the internal 37-watt UV sterilizer.

STRONG Durable Polyethylene Construction
Strong and shock-resistant, the HydroMAX filter box is made of rotary-molded, heavy-wall polyethylene. Molded-in contours give the filter box added strength and eliminate warping

CLEAN Solid Waste Filtering
The HydroMAX provides solid waste capture that is both effective and easy to maintain. Beginning with a settling chamber equipped with three six-inch filter brushes, intake water is slowed, allowing solid waste to settle or be trapped on the filter brushes, where it is easily removed. Secondary filter pads trap and hold fine solid waste, clean by removing and thoroughly rinsing with water.

BALANCED Bio Cell Biological Filtration
Our Bio Cell bio filter media is neutrally buoyant, creating a unique “moving bed” bio filter. The HydroMAX Bio Cell bio chamber is positioned after the filter brushes and the first filter pad. Thus supplying the Bio Cell media with pre-filtered water and creating an optimal environment for colonizing beneficial bacteria. Bio Cell media is proven with its self-cleaning, protected surface area design. Made of high impact polystyrene, Bio Cell provides a surface are of 198 ft.2/ft.3 with approximately 10,220 cells per cubic foot. This media is shipped ready-for-use in a mesh bag, providing containment and easy maintenance.

CRYSTAL CLEAR Effective UV Sterilization
Our 37-Watt internal UV Sterilizer provides constant protection against harmful waterborne bacteria and nuisance algae.

RETRO-FIT Versatility
The HydroMAX Filter allows you to add on the bio chamber, 37-watt UV sterilizer or both after initial installation. A second UV sterilizer can be added for additional UV and flow rate capacity. Two molded-in, threaded bulkheads are standard on every HydroMAX, allowing easy filter upgrades


Part #



HydroMax pro with Bio Media Insert and 37 Watt UV


HydroMax Super with 37 Watt UV


HydroMax Fiter Only without Bio Insert or UV


HydroMax Weir Kit

Use the HydroMAX PRO Filter System for Moderately stocked fish and plant ponds up to 3,000 gallons – Bio Chamber and UV sterilizer included. The HydroMAX SUPER is designed for use with light to moderately stocked fish ponds up to 3,000 gallons. The Standard HydroMAX is designed to be used with existing biological filters or UV sterilizers and should be positioned at the head of a waterfall, or the uppermost pool of the pond.


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