1/2 Bucket 25 Packets

Treats up to 8.3 Acres; Large pond and lake bio-cleaner is specially formulated for earth bottom ponds, retention ponds, fishing ponds, and detention ponds. 


Large pond and lake bio-cleaner consists of 50 8oz Dissolvable Packets. There is no need to measure or poor in the product. Simply throw in the recommended number of packets and let them do the work. Large pond and lake bio-cleaner can be used to spot treat problem areas of large lakes or entire bodies of water. 

  • Use 6 packets per acre
  • Simply throw packet in around the Pond Edge
  • Removes the food source from Algae to keep the Lake or Pond clean
  • Consumes organic debris within the water column
  • Enhances Ponds water clarity from a few inches to several feet!
  • 100% safe for plants, Pond Fish,wildlife,domestic animals, and humans – no watering or swimming restrictions.

Lake and Pond Management Product consisting of a special blend of 5 beneficial bacteria to eliminate the following problems:

  • Amonia, Nitrites, Phosphates (which cause algae growth and turbid water).
  • Murky Water
  • Fish Waste and Decaying Plant Debris
  • Odors
  • Used by state parks, cities and municipalities, home owners associations, golf courses, farmers and homeowners


Recommended Dosage: add 3lbs (6 packets) per surface acre once a month year round for optimal clarity.


Description Treats Price
1 Pail = 25lbs/ 50 Packets Up to 8 acres $299.99




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Weight 28 lbs
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