Medicated Fish food for Koi and Goldfish

Medfinn is a high quality medicated fish food for Koi, Goldfish, and other pond fish. Treats pop-eye, bloating, fin/mouth rot, and tissue loss.


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MedFinn is a medicated feed based on Romet-TC. Romet-TC is a proven effective broad spectrum antibiotic used in the commercial fish farming trade, and is one of only three antibiotics approved for use in fish by the FDA. AquaFinn has used their knowledge of commercial fish farming to design a version of Romet-TC for the Koi and goldfish enthusiast that adjusts dose and duration to safely maximize effectiveness. MedFinn combines the safety and effectiveness of Romet-TC, with dosing formulas to help you calculate the proper amount of feed needed based on the weight of fish in your tank or pond, producing a very effective tool to help eliminate internal bacterial infections.

MedFinn will treat most gram-negative bacterial infections:

  • Ulcerative hemmhoragic septicemia: Large ulcers on the body of the fish
  • Hemmhoragic septicemia with abdominal distension and exophiala: General bleeding under the scales with a bloated abdomen often accompanied by pop eye. May be called pine coning.
  • Mouth and Fin Rot: Degeneration of the tissue in the mouth and on the fins. Affected areas are being eaten away.
  • Columnaris on skin and gills: May look like white tufts or patches and will lead to ulcerations and massive tissue loss. Can cause rapid mortality when in the gills.
  • Bacterial Gill Disease: Like columnaris and can cause rapid mortality.

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