PondMarket Complete Care Kit

Originally developed to keep our Display Ponds exemplary! Concentrated and highly effective products. FREE SHIPPING!


Small Kit includes 2 lb container of Restor, 16 oz. container of Barley Fusion, 16 oz. Koi TLC, Jar (12 tabs) Fizzy Kicks

Large Kit includes 8 lb container of Restor, 32 oz. container of Barley Fusion, 32 oz. Koi TLC, Jar (12 tabs) Fizzy Kicks

Koi TLC:

  • Replaces slime coat, reduce toxins (ammonia, nitrite, chloramines, chlorine, and other metals), and keeps Pond Fish healthy.
  • Use when topping off Pond Water, during high stress situations such as spawning, or if frequent feeding or over feeding occurs.
  • Use in emergency situation such as a forgotten top off hose, or when introducing new fish into the Garden Pond.
  • 16 oz treats 3400 gallons, 32 oz treats 6800 gallons..


  • Developed to eliminate the need for cleaning Garden Pond Rocks and Liners.
  • For use when Waterfalls, Pond Liners, or anything load up with debris, growth and slime.
  • Works on contact, but wait 24 hours for fullest results.
  • Removes stringy growth from Water Plants.
  • Treats 2,000 gallons on a clean-up dosage and 5,000 gallons on a maintenance dosage.
8lb treats up to 3200 square feet
2lb treats up to 800 square feet
1lb treats up to 400 square feet. Dosing can be repeated every three days. Do not use within 3 days of using beneficial bacteria or algae control.

Barley Fusion:

  • This product was designed for folks that have success with barley bales, but do not like the mess they leave.
  • Blended with Beneficial Bacteria to keep Pond Water Clear.
  • Keeps growth on Waterfalls and Garden Pond Rocks to a minimum.
  • Treats 8,000 gallons.

Fizzy Kicks:

  • Economical, highly effective, self-dissolving Blocks of Beneficial Bacteria reduce build-up of Sludge.
  • Aids in clearing Pond Water.
  • Provides a healthier environment for Pond Fish.
  • No smell, no mess
  • 12 tabs treats up to 24,000 Gallons of Pond Water.

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