Savio Springflo Biofilter Media

Cutting-Edge Performance Garden Pond Filter Media!

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  1. Each box of Savio Springflo Biofilter Media equals 180 sq. feet of surface area!
  2. Each box of Savio Springflo Biofilter Media will fill2′-3′ cubic feet of space when dispensed into a Garden Pond Filter.
  3. Rapid Bacteria Growth.
  4. Resists clogging and works better when partially clogged.
  5. More surface area than other types of Biological Media.
  6. Outlasts Lava Rock and Ammo Rocks.
  7. Good for all Open Chambered Filters.

Great upgrade for the following Filters:

  • Aquascape Waterfall Filters/Biofalls.
  • Pondsweep Waterfall Filters/Biofalls.
  • Atlantic Waterfall Filters/Biofalls.
  • Fishmate Gravity Filters.
  • Tetra Clear Choice Biofilters.

Excellent replacement for Filter Mats, Gravel, Lava Rocks, sand, and Floss-Type Medias – not for use in Pressurized Filters.

Unparalleled Results:

The performance of the Savio Springflo Bio Filter Media is unmatched. The patent formulation of polypropylene and calcium carbonate was developed over many years to promote rapid and aggressive growth of Beneficial Micro-Organisms. The textured surface is embossed with millions of dimples, effectively providing 4 times as much usable surface area as competing products!

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