Zeolite Ammo Rocks

Bring your water clarity up to the next level!


Media bag included; Zeolite ships in the media bag

1lb Bags sufficient to treat 500 gallons per bag; bag measures roughly 2″ in diameter by 5″ long. 

Zeolite is a natural material that detoxifies water on a molecular level. Often Fsh and Koi Ponds have undetected elevated levels of ammonia that last for short periods of time, for example after feedings, after filter cleanings, after top offs, and during spring and fall months when temperatures fluctuate.
We have all experienced a random fish loss, which sometimes it can be attributed to undetected short term high ammonia levels. 

Short or temporary ammonia spikes in Ponds can also be responsible for throwing the pond off balance with murky water, green water, and string algae blooms. Sometimes it seems no matter what we treat the pond with or how often we treat the pond, it’s a waste of time and money because the pond does not go back to balanced crystal clear water. To add insult to injury there is always the buddy or neighbor that “never does anything to the pond” and it’s crystal clear all the time.
More often than not, the neighbor or buddy is using activated carbon or zeolite in their filtration system. 

Zeolite serves a single purpose: keeping ammonia levels low all the time. It’s easy to use, safe, natural, and does wonders for the pond.

Recommended dose: 1 bag per 500 gallons

Recommended placement:

  • For ponds with pond skimmers and/or waterfall filters, place bag into pond skimmer or waterfall fitler. Rinse off residual dust before placing into pond water. 
  • For ponds with submersible filters and/or pond pumps located in the pond, place in the pond near the pond pump or in an area of the waterfall where water can flow through the zeolite and media bag

Our zeolite comes in a media bag for easy placement anywhere in the pond. For best results, place in waterfall, in pond skimmer, or in pond near the pond pump. Rinse off residual dust before placing into pond. 

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