The PondMarket Pond Scrubber Combo Kits

PondMarket scrubber kits consist of safe PondMarket products to clean up and maintain pond water…but in kit form to save you money!


PondMarket Products have been developed by us to keep our Display Ponds at our retail outlet sparkling clean with minimal time and effort. All our products are highly concentrated.Each product is also available individually.

PondMarket Pond Scrubber Kit I
– for clearer Water & cleaner Pond Bottoms

Fizzy Kicks and Sheer Clear help to keep your Pond Water clear and your Pond Bottom clean – which helps to prevent the need for total drain and clean out.
Fizzy Kicks are highly concentrated (one jar can treat up to 24,000 gallons) Beneficial Bacteria Blocks that are very easy to use (self-disolving: no smell, no measuring, no mess).
Sheer Clear is also highly concentrated (1oz treats 500 gallons!) and works in conjunction with your Pond Filter to help keep the water clear.

Small Kit: Small Jar of Fizzy Kicks , treats up to 24,000 Gallons & 16oz Sheer Clear

Large Kit: Large Jar of Fizzy Kicks, treats up to 48,000 Gallons & 32oz Sheer Clear

PondMarket Pond Scrubber Kit II
for clearer Water & cleaner Waterfalls & Rocks

Fizzy Kicks and Restor – our combination of products to clean Pond Rocks, Waterfalls, Streams and Pond Bottoms.
Fizzy Kicks
, as described above, is a highly concentrated Beneficial Bacteria product to digest organic waste that turns into bottom sludge and in turn feeds algae.
Restor is an oxygen based Rock and Waterfall Cleaner that is highly effective and cleans Pond Rocks, Waterfalls and Streams in minutes. 1lb treats up to 400 square feet. Dosing can be repeated every three days. Do not use within 3 days of using beneficial bacteria or algae control.

Small Kit: 2lb Restor (treats up to 800 square feet) & Small Jar of Fizzy Kicks

Large Kit: 8lb Restor (treats up to 3200 square feet) & Large Jar of Fizzy Kicks

PondMarket Pond Scrubber Kit III
– Clearer Water, Cleaner Bottoms & Cleaner Rocks

Fizzy Kicks, Restor and Sheer Clearan unbeatable combination to help keep every aspect of your Garden Pond sparkling clean.
This Kit contains everything needed to make cleaning the Pond much, much easier!
Please review the above kits for descriptions of use of individual products.
This Kit contains them all and saves you money, too!

Small Kit: Small Jar of Fizzy Kicks, 2lb Restor, 16oz Sheer Clear

Large Kit: Large Jar of Fizzy Kicks, 8lb Restor, 32oz Sheer Clear

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