Atlantic Water Gardens Oasis Pond Skimmer


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Has 1/2 the Footprint of Atlantic's PS4000 & PS4500 and thicker sidewalls.

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Atlantic Water Gardens has developed the Oasis Brand Pond Skimmers and Pond Waterfall Filters to fill the void between their beginner products like the PS4000 & 4500 Pond Skimmer and their larger Big Bahama Products like the PS4600 - PS14000.

The Atlantic Water Gardens Oasis Pond Skimmers are heavier duty, more compact, easier to maintain, and out perform many other pond skimmers in the marketplace. The large opening on the front of the Atlantic Water Gardens Oasis Pond Skimmer allows for use of a diverse range of pumps and eliminates the need for a large tank. Smaller tanks allow for use in restrictive spaces and require less digging to install. The large size of the front opening drastically increases the effectiveness of surface cleaning too!

The Atlantic Water Gardens Oasis Pond Skimmers offer double mechaincal filtration via a net and Matala filter pad. The open space inside the pond skimmer allows EASY net removal, EASY mat removal, and EASY pump access. The Atlantic Water Gardens Oasis Pond Skimmer is designed in a manner that allows for each component to be independantly removed meaning that the net, the mat, and the pump can all be accessed and serviced without having to take out another component.

Features of the Atlantic Water Gardens Oasis Pond Skimmers Include:

  • Sturdy cover lid that can support natural stone with ease. Atlantic does offer faux stones that look more natural than any other on the market.
  • The "Rolled Upper Rim", or the top edge of the pond skimmer, is "rolled" to increase stregnth and provide clean lines making the unit easier to hide and prevent collapsing from the weight of the earth when buried.
  • Stainless Steel Hardware and Net Frame; Many pond skimmers that use trap nets often use inferior metal for the net frame that rusts and breaks within a couple of seasons. Combine that with rusty faceplate hardware and you have a recipe for disaster. Atlantic uses stainless steeel.
  • "Super Flow Weir Door" allows for many different pump sizes to be used, 1000 - 3900 Gallons per hour, and increases the effectiveness of surface cleaning.
  • One of the ONLY SKIMMERS to have molded step fittings for the hose; most pond skimmers have a large hole in the left and right side that allows dirty runoff to enter the skimmer.
  • Labeled Drill Points for an optional auto fill valve and optional overflow pipe



Wier (Front Opening) Size


Pump Flow Range

17.75" W X 19.5" D X 19.5" H

Surface Cleaning Range (square feet)

200 square feet ( 10' x 20', 15' x 14', etc)

Filter Media Included

Trap Net & Matala Filter Pad

Recommended Waterfall Filter/ Filterfalls


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