Anjon Little Frog Pumps

Anjon Little Frog Pumps are perfect for small ponds and water gardens as well as fountains and statuary.  The come complete with a full set of fountain heads, a diverter valve, and built in flow control. 


Anjon Little Frog Pumps come with a fountain nozzle set and diverter valve for the ultimate experience in diversity when it comes to a pond pump for fountain pump. Ranging in sizes from 350 Gallons Per Hour to 950 Gallons per hour, they are perfect for preformed ponds, small ponds, and have a diverter valve to run a small waterfall for fountain/ pond spitter. These are perfect for use to replace Danner Pndmaster magnetic drive pumps. Unlike PondMaster Pumps, Anjon Little Frog Pumps come with a multitude of accessories to complete your pond or fountain project.


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