Eco-Friendly Pond Clarifier

PondMarket Pond and Debris Clarifier is a cost effective, natural alternative to harsh algae control chemicals. 


Can you see the bottom of your Pond?
Can you see the Pond Fish below the Water Surface?
This newest addition to the PondMarket line of Pond products will help you accomplish both in a jiffy, and does so safely and naturally!

PondMarket Super Concentrated Pond Clarifier:

  • Restores Water Quality
  • Helps to reduce Pond Maintenance
  • Very economical because it is super concentrated

One of the most concentrated products on the market: 1oz treats 1000 gallons!
Available in 4 sizes to accommodate any size Pond:

Size Treats Price
8 oz 8000 gallons 10.99
16 oz 16,000 gallons 19.99
32 oz 23,000 gallons 29.99
Gallon 128,000 gallons 89.99

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