PondMarket Pond Salt

Pure and free of additives, supports Pond Fish gill function, slime coat regeneration, reduces stress, eliminates many parasites and much more…


What’s the secret to healthy Koi and making all your Pond Fish happier?

A dash of evaporated sea water!

Adding Pond Salt in small doses will:

  • help boost your Koi’s natural defenses to disease, stress and nitrite toxicity.
  • work as a natural way to kill any parasites lurking in your Garden Pond.
  • act as a stress coat, thickening the natural slime barrier which serves as a shield against disease.
  • help buffer pH (add Pond Salt after ph is adjusted)
  • aid and support healthy gill function by providing essential minerals and electrolytes
  • reduce the risk of osmotic shock
  • temporarily block the effects of toxic nitrite in emergency situations

Pond Salt should be added in spring, summer, and fall. If Pond Salt has been added to the pond in the past, it’s recommended that the water is tested before adding more pond salt. Although Pond Salt does not evaporate, concentrations are less as the season goes on from water changes, rain, and the addition of fresh water into the pond.

Adding Pond Salt is easy! Pond Salt can be added to the waterfall for easy dilution. PondMarket Pond Salt is specially formulated to dissolve quickly for surface applications as well.

Pond Salt concentrations in Ponds with Pond Plants can be as high as 0.15%. In ponds without plants concentrations should not exceed 0.30%.
If Pond Fish are sick, have parasites or other ailments, or are injured, Pond Salt concentrations can be raised up to 0.7% for short periods of time.

Dosage: 5 lbs per 1000 gallons of Pond Water for a 0.10% concentration.


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