CrystalClear pHusion combines lowering pH in ponds safely with the addition of vital electrolytes to further protect the pond fish. Phusion brings high pH down to optimal levels of 6.5-8.0. 2 lbs.-Treats a total of 32,000 gallons;25lb Bucket-Treats up to 400,000 gallons


CrystalClear pHusion manages the lowering pH in Ponds (particularly Fish Ponds, Koi Ponds, Goldfish Ponds) safely – without putting the Pond Fish into shock – at the rate of .2 points per application. It combines this ability with the addition of vital electrolytes to further protect the Pond Fish. 2 lbs – treats a total of 32,000 gallons.pH pHuison is named for its unique fusing action of lowering pH and adding natural electrolytic supplements to pond water to safely lower pond pH levels. Crystal Clear pHusion will not lower pH more than 0.2 points per standard recommended dosage so pond fish and plants will not incur harm or damage from lowering pond pH too fast.

Note: because pHusion lowers pond pH levels 0.2 points per application, up to 3 applications may be necessary before a change is noticed when the pH is tested.

How many applications will I need: If the pond pH is 9.0, up to 10 treatments may be necessary to lower the pond pH to 7.0.

  • pH pHusion is safe for use with fish, plants, birds, and domestic animals that drink from the pond.
  • pH pHusion can be added to the pond every 24 hours until the desired pH level is attained.

Testing pH: it’s always best to test the pH of a pond in the morning. Testing in the evening will usually result in high readings.

  • Safe for ALL aquatic life

Note: Optimal pH levels for ponds is 6.5-8.0
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