Koi TLC Natural All in One Pond Starter and Water Conditioner

Koi TLC is a unique All Natural Water Conditioner that eliminates and/or neutralizes most toxins from tap and pond water. 


Koi TLC Water Conditioner was developed to keep the Koi and other Pond Fish in our holding tanks and Display Ponds in top condition! 
Koi TLC is the most comprehensive Water Conditioner for Garden Ponds available! 

Koi TLC has rescued fish harmed by chlorine and other metals when adding water and forgetting to turn the hose off, sudden ammonia problems after pond cleanings, and nitrite problems in spring and fall months from temperature swings. It’s also a very good well rounded dechlorinator that also neutralizes free ammonia. 
Koi TLC also helps to replace the natural slime coat and is an important aid to fish health during and after transporting and/or handling Koi and Pond Fish.

 1oz treats up to 120 gallons; 1 Gallon treats over 15,000 gallons

Features & Benefits:

  • Removes Chorine and Chloramines.
  • Removes Ammonia.
  • Detoxifies Nitrites.
  • Detoxifies Heavy Metals (including Copper).
  • Adds Electrolytes.
  • Replaces Slime Coat.
  • Reduces Stress.

You will not find a better Water Conditioner anywhere!

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